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Interesting Fact:

The 34-piece sterling silver set commissioned by the Wisconsin Legislature in 1899 for the original USS Wisconsin battleship was made partly from melted bronze from Spanish ships seized near Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

Study Questions:

  • How long was the Spanish-American War?
  • Where did the fighting take place during the Spanish-American War?
  • Who was the Wisconsin governor in 1898?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on April 27:

    1805: The U.S. Marines battle on the shores of Tripoli.
    1937: The first Social Security checks are distributed.

  • April 27

    April 27, 1898: Wisconsin was ordered to mobilize for the Spanish-American War. Wisconsin sent 5,469 men to the war. One hundred thirty-four of them died during the war.

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