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Jean Nicolet

Jean Nicolet Steps Ashore at Green Bay in 1634

Jean Nicolet (Wikipedia)

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"Jean Nicolet (The Wisconsin Experience)" by Carole Marsh and Debbie Stevens.

"History of the discovery of the Northwest by John Nicolet, 1634" by Consul Willshire Butterfield.



Interesting Fact:

President Frannklin Roosevelt took part in the 1934 celebration by speaking in Green Bay at a commemoration of Nicolet's achievements.

Study Questions:

  • Who were other Wisconsin explorers after Jean Nicolet?
  • Why was the historic pageant held in Green Bay?
  • Why did Jean Nicolet come to the land that was to become Wisconsin? Who did he represent?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on August 14:

    1848: The Oregon Territory is established.
    1935: The Social Security Act becomes law.

  • August 14

    August 14, 1934: An historic pageant was presented in Green Bay celebrating 300 years of exploration and settlement in Wisconsin beginning with Jean Nicolet in 1634.

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