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Menominee Indians pay final honors to their Chief

Chief Oshkosh and his last visit to the Cream City

Chief a brave man

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"Oshkosh the Brave, Chief of the Wisconsin Menominee" by Phebe Jewell Nichols

"Story of Oshkosh, His Tribe and Fellow Chiefs" by Publius Lawson



Interesting Fact:

The community of Oshkosh was originally known as Athens but residents voted to change the name of the small hamlet to Oshkosh.

Study Questions:

  • Why would Oshkosh fight with the Americans against other Indians?
  • How old was Oshkosh when he was fighting against the Americans during the War of 1812?
  • Is Oshkosh the city now located where Chief Oshkosh lived?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on August 29:

    1944: U.S. troops from the 28th Infantry Division march down the Champs Elysees in Paris as the city celebrates its liberation from the Nazis.

  • August 29

    August 29, 1858: Oshkosh, a Menominee Indian chief, died on the Menominee reservation in Keshena. Born in 1795, Oshkosh fought on the side of the British during the war of 1812 and with the Americans during the Black Hawk War. The city of Oshkosh bears his name.

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