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Interesting Fact:

In less than three months after visiting Green Bay, "Walk-in-the-Water" was lost in a storm on Lake Erie.

Study Questions:

  • Why would 200 passengers visit Green Bay in 1821? How large was Green Bay at that time?
  • Before steamships, what type of ship was used for transporting a large number of people on the Great Lakes?
  • When did steamships stop being used on the Great Lakes?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on August 5:

    1864: During the Civil War, Admiral David Farragut gave his famous order, "Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!"
    1884: The cornerstone of the Statue of Liberty is laid.
    1957: The TV program "American Bandstand," hosted by Dick Clark, premiers.

  • August 5

    August 5, 1821: The first steamship on the upper Great Lakes, "Walk-in-the-Water," visited Wisconsin when it arrived in Green Bay from Detroit with 200 passengers.

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