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The State Constitutions of 1846 and 1848

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"Memorial Record of the Fathers of Wisconsin" by Horace Tenney

"The Struggle Over Ratification, 1846-1847" by the Wisconsin Historical Society

"The Attainment of Statehood" edited by Milo Quaife


Constitutional Convention

Interesting Fact:

Only five states are using a constitution older than Wisconsin's.

Study Questions:

  • What information is contained in a constitution?
  • Find a copy of the original Wisconsin Constitution and compare it to a current copy (found in the Wisconsin Blue Book) How has the Constitution changed?
  • Why was there a need for a Second Constitutional Convention. What was the result of the First Constitutional Convention?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on December 15:

    1791: The Bill of Rights goes into effect.
    1890: Sioux chief Sitting Bull is killed along with 11 other tribal members.
    1944: Glenn Miller, band leader, is killed in an airplane accident over the English Channel.

  • December 15

    December 15, 1847: The second Constitutional Convention convened in Madison, meeting for seven weeks to draft a state constitution. The constitution was approved by voters on March 13, 1848.

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