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"The History of Wisconsin: From Exploration to Statehood" by Alice E. Smith



Interesting Fact:

When Illinois was admitted as a state, a delegate in Congress used a sneaky tactic to expand Illinois' border 50 miles further north, taking land away from what would become Wisconsin.

Study Questions:

  • What is the difference between a territory and a state?
  • How long was Wisconsin in the Illinois Territory?
  • How many territories was Wisconsin a part of before becoming a state?

  • U.S. historical events that occurred on December 3:

    1818: Illinois is admitted to the union as the 21st state.
    1828: Andrew Jackson is elected president of the U.S.
    1979: Eleven people are killed during a rock concert in Cincinnati.

    December 3

    December 3, 1818: Wisconsin was attached to the Michigan Territory after leaving the Illinois Territory. Illinois had been granted statehood.

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