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Life of Dr. William Beaumont

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"Dr. Beaumont and the Man With a Hole in His Stomach" by Sam Epstein

"Doctors on Horseback; Pioneers of American Medicine" by James Flexner

"Badger Saints and Sinners" by Fred Holmes


gastric juice

Interesting Fact:

While stationed in St. Louis in 1834, Dr. Beaumont became close friends with Robert E. Lee, a young Army lieutenant at that time.

Study Questions:

  • How did Alexis St. Martin get a hole in his stomach?
  • What experiments did Dr. Beaumont perform in order to study gastric juices?
  • While at Ford Crawford in Prairie du Chien, what kind of maladies did Dr. Beaumont encounter with the soldiers?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on December 6:

    1889: Jefferson Davis, the former Confederate president, dies.

  • December 6

    December 6, 1829: Dr. William Beaumont, army surgeon at Fort Crawford, resumed his observations on the action of gastric juice using patient Alexis St. Martin, the "man with a window in his stomach."

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