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Medal of Honor
test pilot

Interesting Fact:

As a boy, Richard Bong watched planes fly over his family's farm carrying mail for President Calvin Coolidge's summer White House in northern Wisconsin.

Study Questions:

  • With the war still going on in the Pacific, why was Bong testing planes rather than being a fighter pilot in 1945?
  • What type of plane did Bong fly during World War II?
  • Bong spent much of his time during World War II in Australia, New Guinea and the Philippines. Find those countries on a world map.

    U.S. historical events that occurred on December 7:

    1787: Delaware becomes the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.
    1941: The Japanese attack the U.S. forces at Pearl Harbor.
    1963: Instant replay is used for the first time during a televised football game.

  • December 7

    December 7, 1944: Richard Bong, born September 9, 1920, near Poplar, received the Congressional Medal of Honor from General Douglas MacArthur on this date. Bong shot down 40 Japanese planes during World War II. He was killed on August 6, 1945 while a test pilot in California.

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