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Wisconsin Supreme Court

Courts and Judges in Wisconsin Territory

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"Portraits of Justice: Wisconsin Supreme Court, 1848-1998" edited by Trina Haag

"Famous Cases of the Wisconsin Supreme Court"

"The Power of the Wisconsin Supreme Court" by Patricia Robbins



Interesting Fact:

Charles Dunn, the chief justice during Wisconsin's territorial days, assisted in laying out the first plat of Chicago in the 1820's.

Study Questions:

  • Besides Charles Dunn, who were the justices serving on the territorial Supreme Court between 1836 and 1848?
  • In what year did the Supreme Court grow to seven judges. What were the reasons for adding judges?
  • What is the purpose of a supreme court? What is the difference between it and the other courts in Wisconsin?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on December 8:

    1941: The United States enters World War II by declaring war on Japan.
    1980: Ex-Beattle John Lennon is shot and killed in New York City.

  • December 8

    December 8, 1836: The Wisconsin Supreme Court held its first session at Belmont. The first business was admitting 16 lawyers to practice.

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