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Ice Storm of February 2-23, 1922

Recalling 1922 'freak storm of the century'

Read More About It

"Wisconsin Disasters and Catastrophes" by Carole Marsh



Interesting Fact:

The city of Oshkosh was without electricity for one week due to the storm.

Study Questions:

  • On a Wisconsin map, locate the area of central part of the state that was hit the hardest by the storm.
  • Was your community affected by the 1922 storm. If so, find local history accounts that report on the storm.
  • How would you be affected today if an ice storm knocked out the electricity in your community for one week?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on February 22:

    1732: George Washington is born in 1732.
    1819: Florida become part of the United States as part of a treaty with Spain.
    1879: The first Woolworth's store opens.

  • February 22

    February 22, 1922: A destructive ice storm hit central Wisconsin covering the region in two inches of ice.

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