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Interesting Fact:

Dodge moved to the Galena area from Missouri in 1827 with his family of nine children and his slaves. He later moved to land (near present-day Dodgeville) of the Winnebago Indians.

Study Questions:

  • Where in Wisconsin were the Winnebago lands located that were part of the treaty?
  • What was Dodge's attitude toward the Indians in Wisconsin?
  • What eventually became of the Winnebago?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 22:

    1973: The Roe vs. Wade decision is announced by the U.S. Supreme Court, legalizing abortion.

  • January 22

    January 22, 1839: Territorial governor Henry Dodge insisted that the legislature remove the Winnebago Indians from the land the government had purchased in a treaty or he would raise a corps of mounted volunteer riflemen and do it himself.

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