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"W.D. Hoard: A Man For His Time" by Loren Osman

"William Dempster Hoard" by George Rankin

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Interesting Fact:

Today, Hoard's Dairyman is the only paid circulation dairy publication in the country.

Study Questions:

  • Why was W.D. Hoard such a strong advocate of dairy farming?
  • How was Hoard able to convince farmers to switch to dairy farming?
  • What was the Hoard's Dairyman's circulation in the early years? What is it today?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 23:

    1973: President Richard Nixon announces an agreement has been reached to end the fighting in Vietnam.

  • January 23

    January 23, 1885: Hoard's Dairyman began as a four-page supplement to the Jefferson County Union. Established by W.D. Hoard, the magazine furthered his crusade in promoting dairy farming

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