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Vince Lombardi

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Packers Hire Vince Lombardi

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"When Pride Still Mattered: A Life Of Vince Lombardi" by David Maraniss

"What It Takes to Be #1: Vince Lombardi on Leadership" by Vince Lombardi

"Lombardi and Me: Players, Coaches and Colleagues Talk About the Man and the Myth" by Paul Hornung, Billy Reed, and Jeremy Schaap



Interesting Fact:

Lombardi played guard on the offensive line at Fordham University. The line was well-known as the "Seven Blocks of Granite."

Study Questions:

  • What was Lombardi's record with the Green Bay Packers?
  • Why did Lombardi leave the Green Bay Packers?
  • What were some of the primary influences in Lombardi's life?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 28:

    1878: The first telephone switchboard begins service.
    1986: The space shuttle Challenger explodes after liftoff, killing all seven crew members.

  • January 28

    January 28, 1959: Vince Lombardi, backfield coach of the New York Giants, was named head coach of the Green Bay Packers on Jan. 28, 1959. Lombardi succeeded Ray "Scooter" McLean. Ray Walsh, the Giants' general manager, said, "We hate to lose Vince but we feel he will do a terrific job for the Packers."

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