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bar examiners

Interesting Fact:

For over 20 years, Strong was the vice-president of the Wisconsin Historical Society and was the author of a "History of the Territory of Wisconsin."

Study Questions:

  • Why was Strong considered a colorful character?
  • What were the circumstances involving the bribery scandal and Strong?
  • Where is Arena, Wisconsin, located?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on January 8:

    1935: Rock and roll legend Elvis Presley is born.

  • January 8

    Jan. 8, 1849 : Moses Strong signed-in as the first lawyer in the Wisconsin Supreme Courtís Roll of Attorneys on Jan. 8, 1849. Strong was born in 1810 and moved to Mineral Point in 1836 where he was active in territorial and state politics. Strong, known as one of the most colorful lawyers in Wisconsinís history, founded the community of Arena. His reputation was sullied when he was involved in delivering bribes to the legislature in 1856. Strong rebounded later in life when he served as president of the state bar association and was a member of the state board of bar examiners.

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