Wisconsin State Journal


Date: Sunday, December 21, 1997
Section: Showcase
Edition: All
Page: 3F
Type: Review
Byline: William R. Wineke

If you read the ``Snoop'' column in the Wisconsin State Journal each day, you will see a daily listing of some important event in the state's history.

Madison Newspapers Inc. librarian RonLarson has compiled those events into a calendar, ``Wisconsin History Day by Day'' available at most book stores.

The perpetual calendar (despite its name, the calendar goes date by date, rather than day by day) begins with Jan. 1 when, in 1836, the legislative council of the Michigan Territory, which then included Wisconsin, met in Green Bay.

It ends on Dec. 31 when, in 1806, the Michilmackinac Company was formed to begin fur trading in the state.

In between are little tidbits such as April 5 when, in 1880, Milwaukee was illuminated by electricity for the first time.

The book is an interesting little stocking stuffer.

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