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Conrad Arnold Elvehjem (President: 1958-1962)

The History of Vitamins

Conrad Elvehjem (Wikipedia)

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"The University of Wisconsin: A History, 1945-1971, Revewal to Revolution" by E. David Cronin and John W. Jenkins

"Heart Attack Ends Career of UW's Conrad Elvehjem" Wisconsin State Journal, July 28, 1962

"U.W. Pres. Elvehjem, 61, Dies After Heart Attack" The Capital Times, July 27, 1962


nicotinic acid

Interesting Fact:

McFarland did not have a high school when Elvehjem was a teenager so he would hop a train as it passed near his house every morning, riding to Stoughton to attend school.

Study Questions:

  • What is human pellegra?
  • What were some of Elvehjem's accomplishments while he was president of the University of Wisconsin?
  • Elvehjem is a Norwegian name. What does it mean?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 27:

    1953: The Korean War armistice is signed ending the three year war.

  • July 27

    July 27, 1962: Conrad Elvehjem, University of Wisconsin president, died on this date after suffering a heart attack in his Bascom Hall office. Elvehjem, born on May 27, 1901 in McFarland, was a distinguished biochemist, gaining prominence for his research in nutrition and vitamin B complex work. He isolated nicotinic acid which lead directly to the cure for human pellagra in the late 1930s.

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