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Interesting Fact:

The son of Amos Wilder is Thornton Wilder, the famous playwright. (See April 17)

Study Questions:

  • When was the Wisconsin State Journal founded?
  • How long did Jones own the State Journal and to whom did he sell the newspaper?
  • What significant change did the State Journal undertake in 1949?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 28:

    1945: A B-52 Mitchell bomber crashes into the Empire State Building in New York City, killing 14 people.

  • July 28

    July 28, 1911: Final plans were made for Richard Lloyd Jones to purchase the Wisconsin State Journal from Amos P. Wilder. Jones, a Progressive and an aggressive champion of the 'Wisconsin Idea,' received the official papers of ownership the following day. If Jones had not been able to buy the State Journal he had been prepared to establish another newspaper in Madison.

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