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Zachary Taylor

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leave of absence

Interesting Fact:

Zachary Taylor also was in command of the building of the western segment of the military road in Wisconsin.

Study Questions:

  • For what is Zachary Taylor best known?
  • Why did Taylor take a leave of absence? Did he return to Prairie du Chien?
  • What became of Fort Crawford?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 5:

    1947: Larry Doby becomes the first black player in the American League, signing with the Cleveland Indians.

  • July 5

    July 5, 1830: Col. Zachary Taylor, who had been in command of Fort Crawford at Prairie du Chien since July 1829, went on a two year leave of absence. While in Prairie du Chien he coordinated the construction of the rock barracks at Fort Crawford.

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