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Siege of Prairie du Chien

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"Prairie du Chien: French, British, American" by Peter Lawrence Scanlan



Interesting Fact:

The fort was named after the governor of Kentucky, Isaac Shelby.

Study Questions:

  • What event was taking place in the country at this time?
  • Who was in command of the 200 soldiers in Prairie du Chien?
  • What happened to the fort and the soldiers later in the year?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on June 2:

    1941: Baseball great Lou Gehrig dies from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known today as Lou Gehrig's disease.
    1966: Surveyor I, a U.S. space probe, lands on the moon and begins transmitting pictures of the lunar surface.

  • June 2

    June 2, 1814: A contingent of 200 American soldiers arrived in Prairie du Chien from St. Louis. They took over the trading post and rebuilt Fort Shelby, the first building in what is now Wisconsin to fly an American flag.

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