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Bank Riot of 1861

The Civil War and Northwest Wisconsin

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Wisconsin, a History" by Robert C. Nesbit

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Interesting Fact:

The bank president, Alexander Mitchell, anticipating a riot, ordered all valuables into a locked vault.

Study Questions:

  • What were the causes for the bank riot?
  • What were the economic conditions in Wisconsin during 1861 during the first few months of the Civil War?
  • What was the currency being used in Wisconsin at this time? How were workers paid?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on June 24:

    1497: Explorer John Cabot is the first modern European to sight North America.

  • June 24

    June 24, 1861: The militia was called out to quell a bank riot in Milwaukee. According to telegraph reports, “the mob completely riddled Mitchell’s Bank destroying all the furniture and papers they could get hold of. The money and books were safe in the vaults. The mob afterwards stoned the State Bank, Bank of Milwaukee, Martin’s Banking office and have just commenced on the Juneau Bank.”

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