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Interesting Fact:

Josiah Noonan founded the "Wisconsin Enquirer," the first newspaper in Madison, in 1838. As Milwaukee postmaster, he became a powerful political force in the Wisconsin Democratic party.

Study Questions:

  • How much did it cost to send a letter in the mid-1800's?
  • Were there postage stamps in the mid-1800's?
  • When was the post office in your community established?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on March 16:

    1850: "The Scarlet Letter," a book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, is first published.
    1968: The My Lai massacre occurs during the Vietnam War.

  • March 16

    March 16, 1835: The Milwaukee post office was established with Solomon Juneau as postmaster. Josiah A. Noonan changed the spelling from Milwaukie to Milwaukee after becoming postmaster in 1843. The spelling changed back and forth until 1853 when "ee" became permanent.

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