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Interesting Fact:

Schlitz died the following year his company was reorganized as the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company. He was lost at sea on a trip to Germany.

Study Questions:

  • Why was Wisconsin so famous for beer manufacturing?
  • At its peak, how many breweries were located in Wisconsin?
  • What is the recent history of the Schlitz Brewing Company?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on May 15:

    1942: Gas rationing limiting sales to three gallons a week goes into effect.
    1972: George Wallace, while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination, is shot by Arthur Bremer and left paralyzed.

  • May 15

    May 15, 1831: Joseph Schlitz, brewer, was born in Mainz, Germany. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1855, settling in Milwaukee where he was employed in the brewery operated by August Krug. Schlitz took over management of the brewery when Krug died. The company expanded and reorganized in 1874 under the name of Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. Died: May 7, 1875.

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