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Long Log Jam Ended: Dietz Dam Dispute Settled by Payment of $30,000

John Dietz of Sawyer County

Now it's all peaceful at Cameron Dam

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"Pioneer Vigilante: The Legend of John Dietz" by Gunnard Landers

"The Battle of Cameron Dam" by Malcolm L. Rosholt

"The Suppression of John F. Dietz: An Episode of the Progressive Era in Wisconsin" by Paul H. Hass



Interesting Fact:

A play about Dietz and his battle was written by Harlowe R. Hoyte.

Study Questions:

  • Why was Dietz so upset with the Chippewa Lumber & Boom Company?
  • What convinced Gov. Blaine to pardon Dietz?
  • What was unusual about Dietz's defense during his trial?

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  • Wisconsin Historical Society

    U.S. historical events that occurred on May 21:

    1542: Hernando de Soto, Spanish explorer, dies while searching for gold along the Mississippi River.
    1881: The American Red Cross is founded by Clara Barton.

  • May 21

    May 21, 1921: John F. Dietz, "the defender of the Cameron Dam," against the Chippewa Lumber & Boom Co. was pardoned by Governor John Blaine after ten years in prison. Dietz had surrendered to police on October 8, 1910 after a day-long gun battle at the Cameron Dam in Sawyer County.

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