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Interesting Fact:

Charles Mohr won a collegiate national boxing championship in 1959. He was known as "the saint with boxing gloves."

Study Questions:

  • How many championships in boxing did the University of Wisconsin win?
  • Why was Mohr called "the saint with the boxing gloves?"
  • When did the first boxing team compete at the University of Wisconsin?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on May 9:

    1754: The drawing of a snake cut in pieces with the motto, "Join or die," appears for the first time. The various parts of the snake represented the American colonies.

  • May 9

    May 9, 1960: University faculty voted to eliminate boxing from Wisconsin's intercollegiate sports program. The motion stating that boxing was not an appropriate sport followed the death of Charles Mohr, who died on Easter resulting from injuries sustained during a championship bout on April 9.

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