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Alexian Brothers Novitiate

The Remnants of This Abandoned Mansion in Wisconsin are Hauntingly Beautiful

Military Biography = Tim Siebert's Alexian Brothers' Novitiate Stand Off

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Wisconsin State Journal, Nov. 14, 1975, "Alexians give abbey to town, academy," section3, page 3.

The Capital Times, Sept. 30, 2003, "Novitiate dome spared wrecking ball," page 10C



Interesting Fact:

The building was torn down in 2003.

Study Questions:

  • Why did the Alexian Brothers donate the novitiate?
    How long did the Crossroad Academy own the property?
    What did the town of Richmond do with the land it received?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on November 13:

    1775: Colonial forces capture Montreal during the American Revolution.
    1942: The draft age is lowered from 21 to 18.
    1956: The U.S. Supreme Court rules segregation on Montgomery buses to be unconstitutional.

  • November 13

    November 13, 1975: The deed to the Alexian Brothers novitiate in Shawano County was donated to the town of Richmond and to the Crossroads Academy. The donation marked another milestone in the controversy that began January 1 when the Menominee Warrior Society held the novitiate under siege for 34 days.

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