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Georgia O'Keefe

American Masters: Georgia O'Keefe

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Interesting Fact:

O'Keefe was awarded the Medal of Freedom from President Gerald Ford in 1977 and the Medal of the Arts from President Ronald Reagan in 1985.

Study Questions:

  • What was a major turning point in O'Keefe's life as a young artist?
  • What paintings are considered O'Keefe's most popular work?

  • U.S. historical events that occurred on November 15:

    1777: The Continental Congress approved the Articles of Confederation
    1806: Zebulon Pike first sighted the mountain peak in Colorado that he named Grand Peak. It is later named Pikes Peak.
    1969: Nearly 250,000 people gather in Washington, D.C., to protest the Vietnam War.

    November 15

    November 15, 1887: Georgia O'Keeffe, artist, was born in Sun Prairie. She was well known for her intense, brilliant close-ups of flowers, desert scenes and unusual objects. Died: March 6, 1986.

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