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Chattanooga, Tennessee, American Civil War

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flag bearer

Interesting Fact:

McArthur's father, Arthur McArthur, Sr., was Wisconsin's governor in 1856 for only four days.

Study Questions:

  • Find Chattanooga on a map.
  • Were there men from your community who fought in the Civil War? What are their names and what battles were they involved in?
  • What Wisconsin regiment did McArthur belong to during the battle for Missionary Ridge?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on November 25:

    1758: The British capture Fort Duquesne in a battle during the French and Indian War.
    1835: Andrew Carnegie is born.
    1986: The Iran-Contra affair is revealed.


    November 25, 1863: Arthur McArthur, Jr. rallied the union troops during the battle for Missionary Ridge outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. When the Wisconsin flag bearer was shot McArthur picked up the flag and urged his men forward by yelling, "On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin." McArthur received the Medal of Honor for his heroism at Missionary Ridge. After the Civil War McArthur changed the spelling of his family name to MacArthur. He was stationed in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War and became military governor of the Islands from 1900 to 1901. His son, Douglas, who also received the Medal of Honor, would return to the Philippines as a hero during World War II.

    Wisconsin State Journal, Nov. 27, 1863



    Exclusively for the Wisconsin State Journal


    Official from Grant and Thomas

    A Complete Victory


    52 Pieces of Artillery were Taken

    5,000 Arms & Ten Flags as Trophies



    Abandons Everyth'g in Flight

    A Strong Column after him

    Burnside is all Right

    The following has been received at headquarters:

    Chattanooga, Nov. 25, 7:15 P.M. To Major General Hallock;

    Although the battle lasted from early dawn till late this evening, I believe I am not premature in announcing a complete victory over Bragg. Lookout Mountain top, all the rifle-pits in Chattanooga Valley, and Missionary Ridge entire have been captured and are now held by us.
    (Signed) U.S. Grant, Major Gen.

    Chattanooga, Nov. 25 - Midnight To Major General Halleck:
    The operations of to-day have been far more successful than yesterday, having carried Missionary Ridge rom Rossville to the Railroad tunnel, with a comparatively small loss on our side, capturing about forty pieces of artillery, a large quantity of small arms, camp and garrison equipage, besides the arms in the hands of prisoners. We captured 2,000 prisoners, 250 of whom wer officers of all grades, from colonel down. We will pursue the enemy in the morning. The conduct of the officers and men was everything that could be expected, - Missionary Ridge was carried simultaneously at six different points,
    Signed, G.H. Thomas, Major Gen.

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