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Robert M. La Follette

Progressivism and the Wisconsin Idea

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La Follette resources

"Reforming American Life in the Progressive Era" by William Hoyt Landon Warner

"The History of Wisconsin: The Progressive Era" vol. 4 by William Thompson


workmen's compensation

Interesting Fact:

La Follette failed twice early in his career, in 1896 and 1898, to win the Republican Party's nomination for governor.

Study Questions:

  • Why were Wisconsinites unhappy and what changes were they demanding?
  • What was Robert La Follette's early life like? What personality traits and background did he have that made him to be the leader of the progressive crusade?
  • Besides the laws and reforms mentioned here, what were some of the other results of the Progressive Movement in Wisconsin?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on November 29:

    1864: The Sand Creek Massacre results in 150 Cheyenne Indians being killed by the Colorado militia.
    1929: Richard Byrd is the first to fly an airplane over the South Pole.

  • November 29

    Historical Highlight

    1893: A nation-wide economic depression generated widespread popular unrest in Wisconsin where people began demanding changes. Quick to pick up on the mood, Robert La Follette
    began his progressive crusade which eventually resulted in legislation for the common person, not just special interests and businesses. During the early 1900's Wisconsin passed the teachers pension act, the mothers pension law and workmen's compensation act, plus authorizing vocational schools.

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