Wisconsin History Day By Day

Read More About It:
"Henry Dodge, Frontiersman; First Governor of Wisconsin Territory" by James Clark

"Promised Land: The Life and Times of Henry Dodge" by Edna Meudt

Study Questions:

  • What do you think education was like in the Wisconsin Territory?
  • How many years after Dodge's statement was the University of Wisconsin founded?



    U.S. historical events that occurred on November 3:

    1992: Bill Clinton is elected president, defeating George Bush.
    1918: Hall of Fame pticher Bob Feller is born.


    November 1838: Territorial Governor Henry Dodge sent a strong message in support of education, saying, "Its happy influence over the morals of our citizens would promote the cause of Religion and Virtue, and cement more clearly the bonds of our political union, and be the means of preparing the rising generation to participate in the councils of our common country, as well as to enjoy and defend our free institutions from the polluting touch of aristocracy and despotism."

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