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Wheat once 'king' of regions crops

The Rise of Dairy Farming

Necessity, not design, brought dairying here

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"The Rise and Decline of the Wheat Growing Industry in Wisconsin" by John G. Thompson


chinch bug

Interesting Fact:

In 1870, Dane County had 239,232 acres devoted to wheat production. By 1890, the acreage had dropped to 24,990.

Study Questions:

  • What farming practices became more popular with Wisconsin farmers beginning in the 1870's?
  • How does soil become exhausted?
  • What were other reasons (besides soil exhaustion, the chinch bug and bad weather) why farmers moved away from wheat?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on October 13:

    1792: The cornerstone of the White House is laid.

  • October 13

    Historical Highlight:
    1871: Wheat farming began to decline as the state's principle farm product due to bad weather, soil exhaustion and the chinch bug. By 1900, most farming would move to other crops.

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