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History of the Walworth County Fair

Elkhorn, Wisconsin

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"Walworth County" by Walter Dunn

"History of Walworth County" by the Western Historical Co.

"History of Walworth County, Wisconsin" by A.C. Beckwith



Interesting Fact:

The Walworth County fairgrounds covers 90 acres owned by the Walworth County Agricultural Society.

Study Questions:

  • In what community was the Walworth County Fair first held?
  • Where is the fair in your county held? How long has it existed?
  • Find Walworth County on a Wisconsin map.

    U.S. historical events that occurred on October 16:

    1962: The Cuban missile crisis begins.

  • October 16

    October 16, 1850: The Walworth County fair opened. It is the state's oldest existing county fair.

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