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"The Quebec Act: A Study in Statesmanship" by Reginald Couplan

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civil law
Intolerable Acts

Interesting Fact:

The Americans considered the Quebec Act as part of the Intolerable Acts.

Study Questions:

  • On a map, locate the area that was affected by the Quebec Act.
  • Prior to the Quebec Act, did any of the Thirteen Colonies lay claim to the land that was to become Wisconsin?
  • When did the area of Wisconsin leave the authority of Quebec?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on October 7:

    1777: The Second Battle of Saratoga begins during the American Revolution.

  • October 7

    October 7, 1774: The Quebec Act, laws passed by Great Britain, was an attempt to settle questions about law and government in Quebec, then a British colony. The Act allowed the use of French civil law in Quebec and expanded the area of Quebec to include much of what is today the Midwest, including Wisconsin. The Act was not appreciated by the thirteen colonies as it prevented any claims of extending the boundaries of the colonies to the west.

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