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Chickamauga, Georgia

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"The Civil War Letters of Colonel Hans Christian Heg" edited by Theodore Blegen

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Interesting Fact:

Heg, who was the state prison commissioner at Waupun State Prison prior to the Civil War, helped to hide Sherman Booth from U.S. marshals. Booth was the abolitionist who helped to free runaway slave Joshua Glover.

Study Questions:

  • Where is Chickamauga? Why did Wisconsin have a Scandinavian regiment?
  • Was Heg's plea to fellow Norwegians successful? How many were in the Scandinavian regiment?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 20:

    1881: Chester Arthur is sworn-in as the 21st president of the U.S.
    1998: Cal Ripken sits out a baseball game after playing in 2,632 consecutive games.

  • September 20

    September 20, 1863: Hans Christian Heg was mortally wounded at the battle of Chickamauga on this date. Heg, who had immigrated from Norway in 1840, was appointed by the governor to raise a Scandinavian regiment from Wisconsin to fight in the Civil War. He wrote for volunteers: "The government of our adopted country is in danger. That which we learned to love as freemen in our old Fatherland, our freedom - our government - our independence, is threatened with destruction ... Come then, young Norsemen, and take part in defending our country's cause."

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