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Interesting Fact:

Dubuque's wife was an Indian and named Potosa. The Wisconsin community Potosi may have been named after her, but most agree the name of the town was derived from the Spanish word that means lead.

Study Questions:

  • Why did Dubuque need the permission from the Sauk and Fox Indians?
  • Where did Dubuque send the lead he had mined?
  • Did the Indians ever use lead for their tools and weapons?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 22:

    1776: Nathan Hale is hanged by the British, accused of being a spy during the Revolutionary War.
    1862: Lincoln issues the preliminary Proclamation Emancipation.

  • September 22

    September 22, 1785: Julien Dubuque was granted permission by the council of the Sauk and Fox Indians to work the lead mines in southwest Wisconsin.

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