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Interesting Fact:

The first white child born in Madison was Peck's daughter named Wisconsiana Peck.

Study Questions:

  • Where was the Peck's farm located in Madison? What's located there today?
  • Describe what Madison would have looked like in 1837-1838.
  • What became of Eben Peck?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 24:

    1789: The First Judiciary Act is passed, creating the position of Attorney General and the Supreme Court.
    1960: The first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, is launched.

  • September 24

    September 24, 1808: Rosaline Peck, frontier innkeeper and Madison's first European woman resident, was born. From March 1837 until June 1838 she and her husband, Eben, operated a tavern and inn for the early Madison visitors. They then bought 80 acres nearby to concentrate on farming. The Pecks moved to Baraboo in 1840. Shortly afterward Eben left Rosaline and their two children. Died: October 20, 1899.

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