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Interesting Fact:

Pike's expedition was occuring at the same time as another group led by Lewis and Clark was exploring the Missouri River and the far northwest.

Study Questions:

  • Who sent Pike on his exploratory expedition and why?
  • Who did Pike meet in the Prairie du Chien area and what was significant about the meeting?
  • What happened next for Pike after exploring the upper Mississippi River area and returning to St. Louis?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 4:

    1781: Los Angeles is founded.
    1888: The Kodak trademark is registered by George Eastman.
    1917: The first American casualties occur in World War I.

  • September 4

    September 4, 1805: Lt. Zebulon M. Pike, for whom Pike's Peak was later named, reached Prairie du Chien on an exploratory expedition. It is believed the expedition raised the American flag for the first time in Wisconsin.

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