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Siege of Prairie du Chien

Wisconsin forts

The Americans at Prairie du Chien

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"Zachary Taylor: Our Twelfth President" by Carol Brunell

"Zachary Taylor, Twelfth President of the United States" by Zachary Kent

"Zachary Taylor, Soldier of the Republic" by Holman Hamilton



Interesting Fact:

Fort Shelby was constructed during the spring of 1814 under the command of General William Clark, of Lewis and Clark fame. Clark left Lt. Perkins in charge of the fort which soon surrendered to the British and Indians.

Study Questions:

  • Who was Zachary Taylor and what was he known for?
  • What war was being waged in 1814?
  • Why were the Indians allies of the British?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 5:

    1774: The first Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia.
    1977: Voyager I is launched.

  • September 5

    September 5, 1814: Major Zachary Taylor, leading a force of 300 American troops up the Mississippi River to recapture Fort Shelby at Prairie du Chien, was repulsed by the British and Indians. This marked the last attempt to recapture control of Wisconsin by military force.

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