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Steamer Lady Elgin

Lady Elgin (Shipwreck, 1860)

The Wreck of the Steamer Lady Elgin

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Interesting Fact:

Besides the passengers and crew, the "Lady Elgin" carried on board 50 head of cattle.

Study Questions:

  • What caused the "Lady Elgin" to sink?
  • Where was the "Lady Elgin" headed?
  • Was this the worst disaster on Lake Michigan in terms of lives lost? If not, what was?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 9:

    1776: The Second Continental Congress replaces the name "United Colonies" with "United States."
    1957: The first Civil Rights bill since the Reconstruction era is signed into law.

  • September 9

    September 9, 1860: “Lady Elgin,” a Milwaukee excursion steamer, collided with the schooner Augusta and sank, drowning 225 people. The “Lady Elgin” was quite luxurious and was considered the “darling” of the Great Lakes.

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