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"The Hard-Rock Men: Cornish Immigrants and the North American Mining Frontier" by John Rowe

"Pendarvis, Trelawny and Polperro: Shake Rag's Cornish Houses" by Robert Neal

"Laxey in the New World" by Laxey Committee

"Mineral Point, A History" by George Fiedler



Interesting Fact:

A popular food item still found in Mineral Point restaurants is the Cornish pasties, a meat pie that was popular with the original Cornish miners.

Study Questions:

  • Why did the Cornish settle around Mineral Point?
  • What influence did the Cornish have on Mineral Point?
  • How did Mineral Point get its name?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on April 23:

    1789: President-elect George Washington and his wife, Martha, move into the Franklin House, the first executive mansion, in New York City.

  • April 23

    State Stats
    1828: According to census reports Wisconsin grew from several hundred to 10,000 in a few years. By 1830 the first
    Cornish miners immigrated to Wisconsin from Cornwall, England, settling around Mineral Point. This is regarded as the first large-group European migration to Wisconsin.

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