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US WI: Prohibition's Inroads In State Ran Into Heavy Resistance

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"Doers and Dreamers, social reformers of the nineteenth century" by Lynne Deur



Interesting Fact:

A Wisconsin law from 1839 did not allow businesses to operate on Sundays, including the business of selling alcohol. This law continued into the twentieth century.

Study Questions:

  • How successful have temperance and prohibition laws been in the state and country?
  • Today, some communities in Wisconsin are considered "dry." What does that mean?
  • Who were some of the leaders of the temperance movement in Wisconsin?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on February 8:

    1910: The Boy Scouts of America is incorporated.
    1968: In Orangeburg, S.C., three college students were killed during a civil rights protest against a whites-only bowling alley.

  • February 8

    February 8, 1850: The first law to govern temperance was signed by Gov. Nelson Dewey.

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