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Land transfer events to Statehood

The Disputed Michigan-Wisconsin Boundary

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"History of the Territory of Wiscosnin, from 1836 to 1848" by Moses McCure Strong

"The History of Wisconsin. From Exploration to Statehood" vol. 1 by Alice Smith



Interesting Fact:

Territorial residents were not able to vote in national elections and most territorial officials were appointed.

Study Questions:

  • How long did the Wisconsin Territory have these borders?
  • How many border transformations did the Wisconsin Territory go through in 12 years?
  • How much did Wisconsin's population grow from 1836 to 1848?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on July 4:

    1776: The Continental Congress adapts the Declaration of Independence.
    1802: West Point opens.

  • July 4

    July 4, 1836: The Wisconsin Territory was formed from the Michigan Territory. The boundaries included additional land to the Missouri River to the west, all of the land to the Canadian border to the north and all of the land to the Missouri state line to the south.

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