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Marshfield, WI Fire, Jun 1887

Marshfield (Hub City Times)

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"The Marshfield Story, 1872-1997: Piecing Together Our Past"

Interesting Fact:

The Marshfield fire started in the factory owned by William Upham, a future governor of Wisconsin, who was elected in 1894.

Study Questions:

  • What caused the 1887 Marshfield fire?
  • What other Wisconsin cities had major fires during the nineteenth century?
  • What were the major businesses in Marshfield in 1887? What are they today?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on June 27:

    1847: New York and Boston are linked by telegraph wires.
    1957: Hurricane Audrey kills more than 500 people in Louisiana and Texas.

  • June 27

    June 27, 1887: Marshfield was nearly destroyed by fire. Property loss was over $3 million.

    Marshfield Times, July 1, 1887

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