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Nicolas Perrot: French Fur Trade in Wisconsin

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"French in Wisconsin" by the Wisconsin Historical Society

"Wisconsin's Early French Inhabitants" by Jo Bartels Alderson



Interesting Fact:

Perrot's nickname was the "iron trade."

Study Questions:

  • On a Wisconsin map, locate where Fort St. Antoine was located in Pepin County.
  • What is Perrot's background? Where did he grow up? How did he end up in Wisconsin?
  • What was Perrot's purpose in Wisconsin? Was he an explorer, a missionary or a fur trader?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on May 8:

    1945: President Harry Truman announces that World War II has ended in Europe.

  • May 8

    May 8, 1689: Nicolas Perrot took possession of a vast area including Green Bay, the Fox River, Wisconsin River and Lake Winnebago for the King of France. Perrot was stationed at Fort St. Antoine in what is modern day Pepin County.

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