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Incidents in the Early Judicial History of Wisconsin

Judge Doty's Court

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"James Duane Doty, Frontier Promoter" by Alice E. Smith



Interesting Fact:

In May 1829, Doty traveled for seven days with two companions from Green Bay to Prairie du Chien. It is believed they were the first white men to travel by land between the two Wisconsin settlements.

Study Questions:

  • What cases did Doty hear during the first U.S. Circuit Court session in Wisconsin?
  • What was the typical setting for the early courts? Were they in large, fancy courthouses?
  • How long was Doty a circuit court judge and in what other cities did he preside?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on October 4:

    1777: George Washington's troops attack the British at Germantown, Pennsylvania.
    1895: The first U.S. Open golf tournament is held.

  • October 4

    October 4, 1824: The first U.S. Circuit Court in Wisconsin was held in Green Bay, Judge Doty presiding.

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