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Wisconsin History Day by Day

This perpetual desk calendar is only $5 per copy, $2.50 per copy if you purchase 26 or more! Ideal gift for history students of all ages. The 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" desk calendar has a spiral top, allowing the calendar to be reused year after year.

"Larson brings years of research on Wisconsin politics, exploration, agriculture, business, inventions, the arts, sports, science, education and American Indian culture together..." The Capital Times, 1997

Wisconsin State Journal review
The Capital Times review

Little Visits with a Journal Reporter

This book, a compilation of columns from the Wisconsin State Journal, is a great chronicler of Dane County history. The columns, published during the mid-Depression years, focus on the everyday lives of ordinary people of Dane County. In several of the columns, people reminisce of the early pioneer days of the county. The book includes an index of over 1,300 names, making it an ideal source for family and local history research. The cost is only $5.

"Ronald J. Larson has given Southern Wisconsin a meaningful glimpse into the past with a new book .... Larson, of McFarland, who is director of the State Journal/Capital Times library, has faithfully published the ``Little Visits'' columns his grandfather, Iver M. Kalnes, wrote for The Wisconsin State Journal from 1933 to 1935, many of which are memorable stories of people and the problems they faced during the Great Depression." Wisconsin State Journal, 1995

Wisconsin State Journal review
The Capital Times review

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