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The French and Indian War

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"The Mississippi Valley Frontier: The Age of French Exploration and Settlement" by John Anthony Caruso

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"A Few Acres of Snow: Saga of the French and Indian Wars" by Robert Leckie


New France

Interesting Fact:

It wasn't until the following September when Charles Langlade, who was named a lieutenant by the French, surrendered to the British at Fort Mackinac.

Study Questions:

  • What war were England and France fighting during this time?
  • After the surrender of New France, how large was the British Territory?
  • What was left of the New France territory?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on September 8:

    1900: A hurricane strikes Galveston, Texas, killing approximately 6,000 people.
    1921: The first Miss America is crowned, Margaret Gorman.
    1974: Richard Nixon is pardoned by President Gerald Ford.

  • September 8

    September 8, 1760: Wisconsin became part of the British Territory when the area of New France was surrendered to England.

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