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"Wisconsin Statehood Centennial, 1848-1948" by the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times

"Friendly Wisconsin: A Great State's Centennial 1848-1948" by C.R. Almon

"The Wisconsin Century Book: Official Publication of the Wisconsin Centennial Exposition, 1948"



Interesting Fact:

The estimated population during Wisconsin's sesquicentennial year in 1998 was 5,234,350.

Study Questions:

  • Since 1840, what decade has shown the greatest growth in Wisconsin's population?
  • In what year did Wisconsin's population reach one million?
  • What were some of the major differences between 1848 Wisconsin and 1948 Wisconsin?

    U.S. historical events that occurred on December 25:

    1776: George Washington and his troops attack the Hessian forces in a surpise attack during the Revolutionary War.

  • December 25

    State Stats: 1948: Celebrating its 100th-year anniversary since statehood, Wisconsin's population was estimated to be 3,500,000.

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